US Patent No. 9,168,657


Patent No. 9,168,657
Issue Date October 27, 2015
Title Parallel Link Robot With Additional Actuator Arranged At Driven Links
Inventorship Tokitaka Uemura, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee FANUC CORPORATION, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,168,657

1. A parallel link robot, comprising:
a base part,
a moving part,
three link parts which link said base part and said moving part and respectively have single degrees of freedom with respect
to said base part,

three actuators which drive said link parts, respectively, each of said link parts including a drive link which is linked
with said base part and two parallel driven links which link said drive link and said moving part,

a posture changing mechanism part which changes a posture of an element which is attached to said moving part,
an additional actuator which is arranged between said two drive links of at least one said link part in parallel to these
driven links,

a power transmission shaft part which extends coaxially from said additional actuator and transmits the rotational drive force
of said additional actuator to said posture changing mechanism part, and

a universal joint which connects a shaft part which extends from said posture changing mechanism part and said power transmission
shaft part, said universal joint being arranged in a cutaway part which is formed in a casing of said moving part and being
positioned on a line connecting two intersecting points between said two driven links and said moving part,

wherein said parallel link robot comprises a linking/reinforcing part which bypasses said universal joint and links and reinforces
the two ends of the cutaway part of the casing of said moving part, and

wherein the linking/reinforcing part extends outward from an outer surface of the casing of the moving part so as to bypass
the universal joint.