US Patent No. 9,167,372


Patent No. 9,167,372
Issue Date October 20, 2015
Title Managing A Network Element
Inventorship Olaf Pollakowski, Berlin (DE)
Assignee Nokia Solutions and Networks OY, Espoo (FI)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,167,372

1. A method for managing a network element that is an element of a Radio Access Network (RAN), the method comprising:
receiving, via a first interface, a request for sending an IP address to the network element and receiving field data that
is acquired from the network element;

setting up a link with the network element via the first interface;
downloading software to the network element via the first interface;
receiving, via the first interface, field data as a result of a self-test performed by the network element and assessing the
received results, the field data comprising changes of at least one radio configuration parameter;

comparing network status data stored in a managing apparatus and the field data and determining a difference between the network
status data and field data;

generating configuration data, such that the generated configuration data are adapted to align the network status data and
the field data;

determining a corresponding network element affected by the generated configuration data; and
distributing the configuration data via the first interface to the affected corresponding network element,
wherein the generated configuration data, which is distributed via the first interface, comprises at least one self-configuration
parameter selected from the group of self-configuration parameters consisting of an IP address of the network element, information
about the IP environment of the network element, a frequency, a code, a physical cell identifier, a global cell identifier,
an adjacency, a radio configuration parameter for the network element, a mapping parameter from a physical cell identifier
to a global cell identifier, a mapping parameter of a global cell identifier to an IP address, and a blacklist.