US Patent No. 9,162,775


Patent No. 9,162,775
Issue Date October 20, 2015
Title Venting Gas From A Tank
Inventorship Clive French, Nottingham (GB)
Assignee Airbus Operations Limited, Bristol (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,162,775

1. A method of venting gas from a tank, wherein the method includes the steps of:
providing a tank vent assembly including:
a gas inlet for receiving gas from a vent outlet of a tank;
a gas outlet for discharging the gas received from a vent outlet of the tank;
a pressure valve connecting the gas inlet and gas outlet, wherein the pressure valve is connected to a control pressure input
and is controllable by control pressure supplied at the control pressure input, and

a coaxial pipeline connected to the gas outlet of the tank vent device, wherein the coaxial pipeline is configured to be connected
to a low pressure and control pressure supply;

connecting the tank vent assembly to a vent tank, and
venting gas from the vent tank through the gas inlet and gas outlet of the tank vent assembly.