US Patent No. 9,154,349


Patent No. 9,154,349
Issue Date October 06,2015
Title Wireless Transmitter For High Mobility And High Throughput And Mode Control Method Thereof
Inventorship Il-Gu Lee, Seoul (KR)
Sok-Kyu Lee, Daejeon (KR)
Hyun-Kyu Chung, Daejeon (KR)
Assignee Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Daejeon (KR)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,154,349

1. A wireless transmitter which performs reconfiguration for high mobility and high throughput, the wireless transmitter comprising:
memory; and
a processor coupled to the memory and configured to perform operations comprising:
determining a mobility level according to a movement speed of a wireless terminal;
deciding an operation mode according to at least one among the mobility level, a required data rate, and wireless link performance;
generating a plurality of clock signals having different frequencies from each other;
selecting clock signals corresponding to the operation mode among the plurality of clock signals according to the operation
mode; and

modulating transmission data by adjusting a signal bandwidth of a frequency domain and a transmission time of a time domain
using the selected clock signals,

wherein the signal bandwidth and the transmission time are adjusted according to the operation mode,
wherein the operation mode includes a multi-bandwidth mode and a multi-interval mode,
wherein the multi-bandwidth mode includes a full bandwidth mode, a half bandwidth mode, and a quarter bandwidth mode,
wherein the multi-interval mode includes a basic interval mode, a 2× interval mode of the basic interval mode, and a 3× interval
mode of the basic interval mode,

wherein the signal bandwidth and the transmission time are adjusted in the multi-bandwidth mode and the multi-interval mode
to optimize the reconfiguration, and

wherein the operation mode is decided by using a combination of reserved bits of plural signal fields in a frame.