US Patent No. 9,147,890


Patent No. 9,147,890
Issue Date September 29, 2015
Title Fuel Cell With Embedded Flow Field
Inventorship Alireza Pezhman Shirvanian, Ann Arbor, MI (US)
Assignee Ford Global Technologies, LLC, Dearborn, MI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,147,890

6. A system comprising:
an automotive vehicle including a fuel cell stack configured to provide power to move the vehicle, the fuel cell stack including
a plurality of fuel cells each having (i) a porous plate with an embedded flow field formed therein, (ii) a catalyst ink,
including an ionomer and hydrophobic additives, supported on and within the porous plate and (iii) a proton exchange membrane
in contact with the porous plate and catalyst, wherein a porosity of the porous plate in a vicinity of the proton exchange
membrane is less than a porosity of the porous plate away from the proton exchange membrane.