US Patent No. 9,146,651


Patent No. 9,146,651
Issue Date September 29, 2015
Title Displaying Multiple Applications On Limited Capability Devices
Inventorship Ryan Alan Wick, Apollo Beach, FL (US)
John Marvin Jones, III, Overland Park, KS (US)
Dhananjay Indurkar, Overland Park, KS (US)
Jarrod Allen Nichols, Olathe, KS (US)
Brandon Christopher Annan, Westwood Hills, KS (US)
Raymond Emilio Reeves, Olathe, KS (US)
Assignee Sprint Communications Company L.P., Overland Park, KS (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,146,651

1. One or more non-transitory computer-readable media having computer-executable instructions embodied thereon that, when
executed, cause a wireless mobile device having a display to perform of method of rendering multiple applications on the display,
the method comprising:
allocating, on a wireless mobile device, the entire area of a display on the wireless mobile device to a user interface (UI),
the UI being controlled by a single application;

initiating and executing a Java viewing application, the Java viewing application receiving control of the UI;
executing a plurality of subsequent Java applications on the wireless mobile device, wherein the Java applications can receive
graphics and information from another Java application allowing one of the Java applications to become the viewing application
and process the second accordingly; and

utilizing the Java viewing application to render at least a portion of the plurality on the display, wherein one of the respective
two or more Java applications is rendered within another of the respective two or more Java applications.