US Patent No. 9,104,194


Patent No. 9,104,194
Issue Date August 11, 2015
Title Processing Information Acquisition System In Processing Machine Supplying Processing Point With Energy Or Material
Inventorship Atsushi Mori, Minamitsuru-gun (JP)
Akinori Ohyama, Minamitsuru-gun (JP)
Junichi Tezuka, Minamitsuru-gun (JP)
Assignee FANUC Corporation, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,104,194

1. A processing information acquisition system in a processing machine which supplies a processing point with energy or material,
the processing information acquisition system comprising:
a processor;
a position information acquisition unit which acquires position information of a feed unit of energy or material,
a feed rate control unit which receives a feed condition command of energy or material, converts said feed condition command
to a control command which controls a feed of energy or material, and uses the converted control command to control a feed
rate of energy or material from said feed unit,

a feed rate estimation unit which acquires said control command from said feed rate control unit and calculates an estimated
feed rate of energy or material which is fed to a processing point based on said control command, and

an output unit which outputs said position information which said position information acquisition unit acquired and said
estimated feed rate which said feed rate estimation unit calculated when said feed unit is located at a position corresponding
to said position information,

where said feed rate estimation unit has related information, found in advance, between said control command and said estimated
feed rate of energy or material and calculates the estimated feed rate from said control command and said related information,

where said processing machine is a laser processing machine, said fed energy or material is a laser beam, said related information
is comprised of first related information prescribed in a peak output and a current command value and a second related information
prescribed by a peak output, a pulse frequency, and a duty ratio, and said feed rate estimation unit uses a current command
value and said first related information to estimate a peak output, uses pulse-on time and pulse-off time to estimate pulse
frequency and duty ratio, and uses an estimated peak output, estimated pulse frequency, estimated duty ratio, and said second
related information to estimate an average laser output.