US Patent No. 9,101,058


Patent No. 9,101,058
Issue Date August 04, 2015
Title Ic Package And Assembly
Inventorship Shimon Podval, Rishon LeZion (IL)
Amihud Rothmann, Haifa (IL)
Assignee Marvell World Trade Ltd., St. Michael (BB)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,101,058

1. A circuit, comprising:
an integrated circuit (IC) package that includes an interposer having an outline portion that is notched with each notch at
least partially plated to form conductive components within the notches;

a printed circuit board (PCB) substrate formed with an opening portion that is dimensioned to accommodate the IC package;

wherein when the IC package is disposed in the opening portion and is electrically coupled to the PCB substrate for PCB assembling,
a thickness of the assembled PCB is less than a thickness sum of the IC package and the PCB substrate.