US Patent No. 9,101,039


Patent No. 9,101,039
Issue Date August 04, 2015
Title Radiation Generating Apparatus And Radiation Imaging System
Inventorship Yoichi Ikarashi, Fujisawa (JP)
Yoichi Ando, Inagi (JP)
Yasuo Ohashi, Kawasaki (JP)
Assignee Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,101,039

1. A radiation generating apparatus comprising:
a radiation generating unit configured to generate radiation; and
a diaphragm unit configured to limit a radiation field that is formed by the radiation emitted from the radiation generating

wherein the diaphragm unit includes
a light source configured to generate visible light with which the radiation field is simulated by a visible-light field;
an optical lens configured to control a state of diffusion of the visible light, and
a pair of field-limiting blades configured to limit the radiation field,
wherein the radiation generating unit includes
a radiation tube provided thereinside and configured to generate radiation;
an emission window through which the radiation generated by the radiation tube is emitted, and
an envelope provided over and enclosing the emission window; and
wherein the light source and the optical lens are provided between the emission window and the pair of field-limiting blades,
and the light source is movable into and retractable from a path of the radiation by a movable mechanism.