US Patent No. 9,093,784


Patent No. 9,093,784
Issue Date July 28, 2015
Title Connector With Locking Structure
Inventorship Xue-Hai Zhang, Kunshan (CN)
Assignee Molex Incorporated, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,093,784

1. A receptacle configured to mate with a plug, comprising:
a body which comprises a base portion and a tongue protruding forwardly from the base portion;
a plurality of terminals, each terminal having a mating portion and a soldering portion, the mating portions of these terminals
being respectively provided at an upper side and a lower side of the tongue; and

a cage which is mounted to an outer periphery of the body, a front end of the cage being formed with a mating cavity provided
around the tongue and a receiving cavity positioned above and communicated to the mating cavity, and a transverse width of
the receiving cavity being smaller than a transverse width of the mating cavity, the cage at least comprising a top plate,
the top plate being provided with a receiving groove which is opened at a front end thereof, the top plate being further bent
rearwardly and extending to form two bent portions respectively at front edges of both sides of the receiving groove; the
two bent portions further extending rearwardly to form a locking portion, the locking portion configured, in operation, to
engage a hook of a mating plug, the receiving cavity being formed between the locking portion and the top plate.