US Patent No. 9,093,741


Patent No. 9,093,741
Issue Date July 28, 2015
Title Compact Repeaters For Wireless Sensing
Inventorship Thomas McCrea Weller, Lutz, FL (US)
Ibrahim Turki Nassar, Tampa, FL (US)
Jeffrey Frolik, Essex Junction, VT (US)
Assignee University of South Florida, Tampa, FL (US) University of Vermont and Stat...

Claim of US Patent No. 9,093,741

1. A repeater for wireless sensing, the repeater comprising:
a base substrate;
a front substrate orthogonal to the base substrate;
a rear substrate orthogonal to the base substrate;
a receive antenna formed on the front substrate configured to receive an interrogation signal transmitted by another device;
a bias network configured to connect the repeater to a sensor and modulate the interrogation signal based upon a parameter
sensed by the sensor;

a frequency multiplier formed on the base substrate, the frequency multiplier being in communication with the receive antenna
and configured to multiply the frequency of the interrogation signal by a multiplication factor; and

a transmit antenna formed on the rear substrate, the transmit antenna being in communication with the frequency multiplier
and configured to retransmit the modulated interrogation signal at a multiplied frequency.