US Patent No. 9,092,814


Patent No. 9,092,814
Issue Date July 28, 2015
Title Dynamic Electronic Communication Device
Inventorship Matthew P. Timm, Eden Prairie, MN (US)
Jeffrey T. Griffin, Liberty Township, OH (US)
John M. Heitzinger, St. Louis Park, MN (US)
David G. Sime, Minnetonka, MN (US)
Assignee Molex Incorporated, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,092,814

1. A dynamic electronic communication label for generating and displaying time sensitive information regarding an article
to a viewer, the label comprising:
a display adapted to display the time sensitive information;
a power source;
a control means for controlling at least one of generation of the time sensitive information and the display;
an initialization means for at least one of initializing, resetting, and powering-up the device;
a locking means for locking the device in its current state; and
attachment means for attaching the label to the article.