US Patent No. 9,068,308


Patent No. 9,068,308
Issue Date June 30, 2015
Title Beach Cleaner
Inventorship Shinji Ito, Wako (JP)
Tatsuo Masuda, Wako (JP)
Yasuji Hashimoto, Wako (JP)
Assignee HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,068,308

1. A beach cleaner having a frame (53) comprising a longitudinal member (51) and a lateral member (52), a towed portion (67) that is provided at a front portion of the frame (53) and configured to be towed by a tow vehicle, a separator (60) that is provided at a lower front portion of the frame (53) to separate and scrape garbage from sandy ground, and a recovery unit (50) that is provided to the frame (53) behind the separator (60) and collects the garbage scraped by the separator (60) onto a mesh member (116), characterized by further comprising at least one separation rod unit (95) having longitudinal members (96) and a lateral member (97) for joining rear ends (96b) of the longitudinal members (96), the separation rod unit (95) being provided to be bridged between the separator (60) and the upper surface of the mesh member (116) of the recovery unit (50) so that a front end of the separation rod unit (95) is secured to the separator (60) so as to be turnable in an up-and-down direction.