US Patent No. 9,052,038


Patent No. 9,052,038
Issue Date June 09, 2015
Title Sway Brace Retaining Clip
Inventorship Joseph G. Radzik, West Warwick, RI (US)
Assignee Mueller International, LLC, Atlanta, GA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,052,038

1. A sway brace comprising:
a brace pipe, the brace pipe attachable to a structure;
a sway brace clamp coupled to the brace pipe, the sway brace clamp including:
a rod having a first rod end, a second rod end, a first bracing end, and a second bracing end, the rod defining a pipeline
connection portion sized to accept a pipeline and a brace pipe connecting portion sized to accept the brace pipe; and

a retaining clip connecting the first bracing end of the rod to the second bracing end of the rod, wherein the retaining clip
is a plate, the plate defining a slot, the second bracing end extending through the slot.