US Patent No. 9,049,787


Patent No. 9,049,787
Issue Date June 02, 2015
Title Paddle Card With Improved Performance
Inventorship Mark Alan Bugg, Maumelle, AR (US)
Assignee Molex Incorporated, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,049,787

1. A cable assembly, the cable assembly comprising:
a cable, the cable including a plurality of signal-transmitting wires, pairs of the signal-transmitting wires being arranged
in the cable, each signal-transmitting wire including a conductor surrounded by an insulative covering, each conductor extending
forwardly past a leading edge of the insulative covering to define a free end of each signal-transmitting wire; and

a circuit board, the circuit board having opposite leading and trailing edges, the circuit board including a first portion
to which the free ends are terminated and a second portion extending forwardly from and spaced apart from the first portion,
the first portion including a plurality of contact pads disposed on a surface thereof, the contact pads being arranged in
pairs of contact pads associated with each free end, the contact pads of each contact pad pair being aligned with each other
so that a leading edge of the foremost contact pad and a trailing edge of the rearmost contact pad define a predetermined
length, L, there between, the contact pads being separated from each other by an intervening spacing, the cumulative length
of the contact pads being between about 0.5 L to 0.8 L;

wherein each free end of the signal-transmitting wires contacts both the contact pads of one of the pairs of contact pads.