US Patent No. 9,047,765


Patent No. 9,047,765
Issue Date June 02, 2015
Title Gps-based Traffic Monitoring System
Inventorship Sehat Sutardja, Los Altos Hills, CA (US)
Assignee MARVELL WORLD TRADE LTD., St. Michael (BB)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,047,765

1. A traffic information system for a vehicle, the traffic information system comprising:
a global positioning system (GPS) associated with the vehicle, the GPS configured to selectively generate location and vector

a transmitter;
a control module configured to
i) receive the location and vector data,
ii) wirelessly transmit the location and vector data using the transmitter when the vehicle is traveling on a first set of
predetermined roads, and

iii) not transmit the location and vector data when the vehicle is traveling on a second set of roads; and
a remote traffic monitoring system configured to
i) receive the vector and location data,
ii) compare a speed of the vehicle on a first road to a first nonzero threshold and to an average traffic speed on the first

iii) compare the average traffic speed to a second threshold, and
iv) selectively trigger contact with the vehicle via a service assistance system and a remote service assistance system if
both (a) the speed of the vehicle is less than both the first nonzero threshold and the average traffic speed, and (b) the
average traffic speed is greater than the second threshold.