US Patent No. 9,046,394


Patent No. 9,046,394
Issue Date June 02, 2015
Title Water Meter Including Variable Orifice Device
Inventorship Michael J. Zimmerman, Addison, PA (US)
Assignee Sensus Spectrum LLC, Raleigh, NC (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,046,394

1. A water meter for determining a flow of water, comprising:
a meter maincase defining an inlet for receiving the flow of water and an outlet for discharging the flow of water;
a metering device positioned in the maincase between the inlet and the outlet and operable to measure the flow of water through
the maincase from the inlet to the outlet; and

a flow restricting device positioned between the metering device and the outlet, wherein the flow restricting, device includes
a plurality of flexible vanes that define a variable orifice through which the water flows from the metering maincase to the
outlet, wherein the flexible vanes are each biased toward a closed position to restrict the size of the variable orifice and
create a source of back pressure for the flow of water through the water meter.