US Patent No. 11,116,085


Patent No. 11,116,085
Issue Date September 07, 2021
Title Display Device
Inventorship Run Gao, Beijing (CN)
Ruilin Wang, Beijing (CN)
Dingdong Song, Beijing (CN)
Mao Li, Beijing (CN)
Chao Yin, Beijing (CN)
Qi Chen, Beijing (CN)
Jia Yuan, Beijing (CN)
Dan Liu, Beijing (CN)
Xuguang Sun, Beijing (CN)
Yu Chen, Beijing (CN)
Liushan Chen, Beijing (CN)
Bin Hou, Beijing (CN)
Assignee Chengdu BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu (CN) BOE Technol...

Claim of US Patent No. 11,116,085

1. A display device, comprising:a housing, comprising an opening;
a display screen;
a driving device; and
a measuring component;
wherein at least a part of the display screen is located in the housing, and the display screen is connected with the driving device;
wherein the driving device is configured to drive the display screen to extend out of the housing through the opening, and/or to drive the display screen to retract into the housing through the opening; and
the measuring component is configured to measure a length of the display screen extending out of the housing; and
wherein the measuring component comprises an induction coil, a resistor, a voltage detecting component, and a magnetic field generator, the induction coil is arranged on the display screen and is a closed planar coil, the resistor is connected in series with the induction coil, and the voltage detecting component is configured to detect voltage across the resistor; and
the magnetic field generator is arranged at the opening, and while the display screen is extending out of the housing, or retracting into the housing through the opening, at least a part of a magnetic field generated by the magnetic field generator overlaps with an area surrounded by the induction coil, a size of an overlapping area varies gradually, and the overlapping area is such a part of the area surrounded by the induction coil that overlaps with the magnetic field.