US Patent No. 11,116,059


Patent No. 11,116,059
Issue Date September 07, 2021
Title Proximity Sensor Operating Method And Proximity Sensor Applying The Method
Inventorship Meng-Yong Lin, Hsinchu County (TW)
Ming-Huang Liu, Hsinchu County (TW)
Assignee SensorTek technology Corp., Hsinchu County (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,116,059

1. A proximity sensor operating method, applied for a proximity sensor comprising a light-emitting device and a processing circuit, the proximity sensor operating method comprising a standby mode and a check mode, wherein:when the proximity sensor is in the standby mode and an output of the proximity sensor is a first sensing state, the processing circuit drives a driving current of the light-emitting device to comprise a first driving current;
when the proximity sensor is triggered, the proximity sensor enters the check mode and still outputs the first sensing state, and the processing circuit switches the driving current to comprise a second driving current larger than the first driving current; and
when the proximity sensor is in the check mode, and a length of time or number of times of triggering the proximity sensor is larger than or equal to a threshold length or number, the output of the proximity sensor switches from the first sensing state to the second sensing state, and the proximity sensor returns to the standby mode such that the processing circuit drives the driving current to comprise the first driving current.