US Patent No. 11,115,998


Patent No. 11,115,998
Issue Date September 07, 2021
Title Scheduling Offset Management For Wireless Communications
Inventorship Wooseok Nam, San Diego, CA (US)
Xiao Feng Wang, San Diego, CA (US)
Tao Luo, San Diego, CA (US)
Assignee QUALCOMM Incorporated, San Diego, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,115,998

1. A method for scheduling wireless communications by a user equipment (UE), the method comprising:modifying, by the UE, a time domain resource allocation configuration to prevent any configurations being used to indicate a scheduling offset of at least a first value, the time domain resource allocation configuration comprising one or more configurations of time domain resources relative to reception of scheduling information, each of the one or more configurations indicating a scheduling offset indicative of a number of slots offset from the reception of scheduling information;
receiving a first scheduling information in a first slot;
determining a first configuration of the one or more configurations as indicated in the first scheduling information;
determining time domain resources of a second slot based on the determined first configuration, wherein the second slot is different than the first slot; and
one of transmitting data on a physical uplink shared channel (PUSCH) or receiving data on a physical downlink shared channel (PDSCH) in the determined time domain resources of the second slot.