US Patent No. 11,115,962


Patent No. 11,115,962
Issue Date September 07, 2021
Title Method For Transmitting/receiving Uplink Channel In Wireless Communication System, And Device Therefor
Inventorship Jiwon Kang, Seoul (KR)
Ilmu Byun, Seoul (KR)
Hanbyul Seo, Seoul (KR)
Minki Ahn, Seoul (KR)
Joonkui Ahn, Seoul (KR)
Suckchel Yang, Seoul (KR)
Sukhyon Yoon, Seoul (KR)
Kilbom Lee, Seoul (KR)
Assignee LG Electronics Inc., Seoul (KR)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,115,962

1. A method for transmitting, by a user equipment (UE), an uplink control channel in a wireless communication system, the method comprising:receiving, from a base station via higher layer signaling, beam information for a transmission of the uplink control channel; and
transmitting, to the base station, the uplink control channel, via at least one beam configured based on the beam information,
wherein the beam information includes information for a pre-configured beam set including the at least one beam,
wherein the at least one beam is related to a reference signal which is transmitted and received between the base station and the UE,
wherein the at least one beam is based on a single beam or a plurality of beams in the pre-configured beam set,
wherein the at least one beam is configured to be the plurality of beams in the pre-configured beam set based on a specific condition being satisfied, and
wherein the specific condition is configured to be satisfied based on that a value represented by measurement information for the reference signal is smaller than a pre-configured threshold.