US Patent No. 11,112,020


Patent No. 11,112,020
Issue Date September 07, 2021
Title Fuel Control Valve
Inventorship Masakazu Suzuki, Koga (JP)
Assignee KYOSAN DENKI CO., LTD., Koga (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,112,020

1. A fuel control valve comprising:a case that provides a passage extending from a tank for storing fuel;
a movable body movably housed in the case to open or close the passage;
a valve seat surface defined in the case to have an inner cone shape whose inner diameter increases toward a tip;
a valve element surface that is operable by the movable body, the valve element surface being in contact with the valve seat surface along a seal line in a valve closed state, the valve element surface being separated from the valve seat surface in a valve open state;
a plurality of grooves disposed between the tip and the seal line to expand radially outside from the valve seat surface; and
a plurality of projections that are defined between the grooves to intermittently leave the valve seat surface, wherein
the movable body includes a needle part extending toward the valve seat surface,
the valve element surface is defined at a tip part of the needle part, and
the valve seat surface left on the plurality of projections guides the valve element surface at the tip part of the needle part.