US Patent No. 11,111,013


Patent No. 11,111,013
Issue Date September 07, 2021
Title Updraft Assisted Rotorcraft Take-off
Inventorship Brian Tillotson, Kent, WA (US)
Assignee THE BOEING COMPANY, Chicago, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,111,013

1. A rotorcraft comprising:a frame;
an engine coupled to the frame;
a rotor hub coupled to the engine; and
a plurality of rotor blades coupled to the rotor hub, each rotor blade configured to be adjusted to a negative pitch angle prior to a vertical take-off operation such that each blade is oriented at a negative angle of attack, wherein rotation of the plurality of rotor blades at the negative pitch angle generates an updraft that persists for a time and that, during the vertical take-off operation, applies an upward force to the rotorcraft to supplement lift generated by the plurality of rotor blades after each of the rotor blades is adjusted from the negative pitch angle to a positive pitch angle for the vertical take-off operation.