US Patent No. 11,109,972


Patent No. 11,109,972
Issue Date September 07, 2021
Title Delivery Catheter Handle And Methods Of Use
Inventorship Travis R. Marsot, Mountain View, CA (US)
Patricia H. Ho, Redwood City, CA (US)
Justen D. England, Milton, MA (US)
Randall S. Koplin, Middleton, WI (US)
Douglas S. Rodenkirch, Sun Prairie, WI (US)
Assignee Evalve, Inc., Santa Clara, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,109,972

1. A delivery system for staged deployment of an implantable device at a target area, the delivery system comprising:a delivery catheter having a proximal end and a distal end;
an adjustable implantable device coupled to the distal end of the delivery catheter; and
a delivery device coupled to the proximal end of the delivery catheter, the delivery device including a deployment handle and one or more lock lines extending from the deployment handle through the catheter to the implantable device, the one or more lock lines being configured to engage with the implantable device to allow locking of the implantable device, the deployment handle including:
a lock cap removably attached to a housing lid;
a lock line assembly coupled to the one or more lock lines and configured to lock the implantable device by moving from an unlocked position toward a locked position, the lock line assembly including a lock tab configured to lodge within a lock slot disposed on the housing lid so as to hold the lock line assembly in the unlocked position; and
an actuator handle at least partially enclosed by the lock cap, the actuator handle being configured to provide decoupling of the implantable device from the delivery device upon actuation of the actuator handle;
wherein the lock cap is configured to prevent access to the actuator handle prior to removal, and is configured to engage with the lock tab upon removal of the lock cap so as to dislodge the lock tab to allow the lock line assembly to move toward the locked position to lock the implantable device; and
further wherein the lock cap includes a tab configured to pass over the lock slot upon rotation of the lock cap.