US Patent No. 11,071,198


Patent No. 11,071,198
Issue Date July 20, 2021
Title Highly Integrated Miniature Radiometer Chip
Inventorship Danny Ammar, Orlando, FL (US)
Assignee Vu Systems, LLC, Morrisville, NC (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,071,198

1. A radiometer chip, comprising:a base board comprising opposing first and second surfaces, each surface comprising ground and signal pads, and a cavity formed in the second surface;
a middle board comprising opposing first and second surfaces, wherein the middle board first surface is attached to the base board second surface and such that ground and signal pads on the middle board first surface are electrically connected to the ground and signal pads respectively of the base board second surface, wherein the middle board first surface comprises one or more electrical components that extend into the base board cavity, and wherein the middle board second surface comprises etched radio frequency (RF) circuits, a waveguide-to-microstrip transition, at least one low noise amplifier (LNA), a detector diode, a video amplifier, and a temperature sensor, wherein the LNA is operatively connected to the waveguide-to-microstrip transition and a detector circuit for producing a detected signal and for further amplification by the video amplifier; and
a cover attached to the middle board second surface, the cover comprising a feed horn that is connected to the waveguide-to-microstrip transition.