US Patent No. 11,071,192


Patent No. 11,071,192
Issue Date July 20, 2021
Title Flat Flexible Support Piece For A Dielectrically Impeded Plasma Treatment
Inventorship Mirko Hahnl, Berlingerode (DE)
Karl-Otto Storck, Duderstadt (DE)
Leonhard Trutwig, Duderstadt (DE)
Dirk Wandke, Heilbad Heiligenstadt (DE)
Assignee Cinogy GmbH, Duderstadt (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,071,192

1. A planar flexible application piece, comprising:an electrode arrangement, which can be supplied with a high voltage, for a dielectric barrier plasma treatment of a surface to be treated, the electrode arrangement comprising at least one planar electrode and a dielectric layer of a planar flexible material having a bearing face for the surface to be treated, said dielectric layer electrically shielding the at least one electrode from the surface to be treated in such a way that only a dielectric barrier current can flow between the at least one electrode and the surface to be treated when a plasma field is formed in a gas space between the electrode arrangement and the surface to be treated by a high voltage of the at least one electrode;
a high-voltage stage for generating the high voltage wherein the high-voltage stage is contained inside the dielectric layer; and
a connecting piece, wherein an output of the high-voltage stage is connected to the at least one electrode by the connecting piece, wherein the connecting piece is contained as a conductive section inside the dielectric layer.