US Patent No. 11,071,116


Patent No. 11,071,116
Issue Date July 20, 2021
Title Coding/decoding Method, Apparatus, And Device
Inventorship Huazi Zhang, Hangzhou (CN)
Yunfei Qiao, Hangzhou (CN)
Rong Li, Hangzhou (CN)
Assignee Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Shenzhen (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,071,116

1. A coding method, wherein the method comprises:obtaining, by a sending device, positions of information bits, positions of fixed bits, and positions of assistant bits;
allocating, by the sending device, the information bits, the fixed bits, and the assistant bits in a to-be-coded sequence based on the positions of the information bits, the positions of the fixed bits, and the positions of the assistant bits;
obtaining, by the sending device, a scrambling sequence;
scrambling, by the sending device, a bit in a to-be-scrambled bit set based on the scrambling sequence to obtain a scrambled sequence, wherein the to-be-scrambled bit set is determined based on at least one of the fixed bits or the assistant bits;
performing, by the sending device, polar coding on the scrambled sequence to obtain a coded sequence; and
sending, by the sending device, the coded sequence.