US Patent No. 11,032,912


Patent No. 11,032,912
Issue Date June 08, 2021
Title System For Manufacturing An Electromechanical Structure
Inventorship Mikko Heikkinen, Oulu (FI)
Jarkko Torvinen, Kempele (FI)
Paavo Niskala, Oulu (FI)
Mikko Sippari, Oulunsalo (FI)
Pasi Raappana, Kempele (FI)
Assignee TACTOTEK OY, Oulunsalo (FI)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,032,912

18. A system for manufacturing an electromechanical structure, the system comprising:a first entity configured to produce conductors on a planar, flat film;
a second entity includes a pick-and-place machine configured to attach electronic elements at locations on the planar, flat film in relation to a three-dimensional shape of the planar, flat film, the electronic elements including a number of surface mount technology components, the locations of the electronic elements on the planar, flat film selected such that the locations deform less than predetermined areas of maximum deformation introduced into the planar, flat film during forming of the planar, flat film into the three-dimensional shape;
a third entity configured to form the planar, flat film into the three-dimensional shape when the electronic elements are supported on the planar, flat film, the third entity including at least one of a continuously roll-fed machine, an automatically in-precut-pieces-fed machine, a computer numerical control machine, a thermoforming machine, a vacuum former machine, a pressure forming machine, or a blow molding machine; and
wherein the first, second, and third entities are arranged relative to one another to manufacture the electromechanical structure.