US Patent No. 11,032,905


Patent No. 11,032,905
Issue Date June 08, 2021
Title Unmanned Vehicle Control Systems
Inventorship Stefano Angelo Mario Lassini, Lowell, MI (US)
Assignee GE AVIATION SYSTEMS LLC, Grand Rapids, MI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,032,905

1. A control system for an unmanned vehicle (UV), comprising:a housing defining an interior;
a first circuit board disposed within the interior and including one or more processing circuits, the one or more processing circuits including a first processing system and a second processing system having heterogeneous field programmable architectures; and
a second circuit board disposed within the interior and in operative communication with the first control board, the second circuit board including a plurality of interface circuits associated with a plurality of vehicle devices of the UV and an input/output (I/O) interface between the plurality of interface circuits and the first and second processing systems;
wherein the first processing system includes a first microprocessor and a volatile programmable logic array and the second processing system includes a second microprocessor and a nonvolatile programmable logic array, wherein the nonvolatile programmable logic array is configured to monitor execution of a first process by the first microprocessor.