US Patent No. 11,032,889


Patent No. 11,032,889
Issue Date June 08, 2021
Title Electroluminescent Light Source Intended To Be Supplied With Power By A Voltage Source
Inventorship Zdravko Zojceski, Bobigny (FR)
Samuel Daroussin, Bobigny (FR)
Assignee VALEO VISION, Bobigny (FR)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,032,889

1. A light source configured to be supplied with power by a voltage source, the light source comprising:a parallel assembly of at least two branches, each branch comprising a series assembly of a plurality of elementary light sources, each elementary light source being a single light emitting diode (LED),
wherein each of the elementary light sources has an approximately identical internal series resistance of at least 1 ohm, the internal series resistance of each elementary light source being determined by a structure of semiconductor layers contained in each elementary light source,
wherein none of the branches of the assembly comprises an electric current regulation device external to the elementary light sources, other than a switch device,
wherein electric current flowing through each of the branches is distributed uniformly so that the plurality of elementary light sources have a homogenous brightness,
wherein each elementary light source includes:
an electrically conductive layer;
a n-doped semiconductor layer;
a quantum well layer;
an electron blocking layer; and
a p-doped semi-conductor layer, and
wherein the n-doped semiconductor layer is deposited directly on the electrically conductive layer, the quantum well layer is deposited directly on the n-doped semiconductor layer, the electron blocking layer is deposited directly on the quantum well layer, and the p-doped semi-conductor layer is deposited directly on the quantum well layer.