US Patent No. 11,032,879


Patent No. 11,032,879
Issue Date June 08, 2021
Title Energy Control Elements For Improved Microwave Heating Of Packaged Articles
Inventorship Harold Dail Kimrey, Jr., Knoxville, TN (US)
Lora Nicolette Spizzirri, Chicago, IL (US)
Li Zhang, Alpharetta, GA (US)
David Behringer, Denver, CO (US)
Matthew Raider, Denver, CO (US)
Assignee 915 LABS, INC., Denver, CO (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,032,879

1. A process for heating a plurality of articles in a microwave heating system, said process comprising:(a) loading a group of said articles into a carrier, wherein each of said articles includes a package at least partially filled with at least one foodstuff, wherein at least a portion of said foodstuff in one or more of said packages is positioned near at least one energy control element;
(b) passing the loaded carrier through a microwave heating chamber in a direction of travel along a first convey line;
(c) generating microwave energy;
(d) during at least a portion of said passing, discharging at least a portion of the microwave energy into said microwave heating chamber; and
(e) heating said articles using at least a portion of said microwave energy discharged into said microwave heating chamber,
wherein, during said heating, the portion of the foodstuff positioned near said energy control element is heated to a different temperature or at a different heating rate than said portion of said foodstuff would have been heated to or at if said energy control element was not present.