US Patent No. 11,032,814


Patent No. 11,032,814
Issue Date June 08, 2021
Title Decoding Control Information Received Over A Control Channel
Inventorship Dae Won Lee, Anyang-si (KR)
Ki Jun Kim, Anyang-si (KR)
Dong Wook Roh, Anyang-si (KR)
Yu Jin Noh, Anyang-si (KR)
Joon Kui Ahn, Anyang-si (KR)
Jung Hoon Lee, Anyang-si (KR)
Assignee Optis Cellular Technology, LLC, Plano, TX (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,032,814

1. A method for decoding control information by a User Equipment (UE), the method comprising:monitoring a set of Physical Downlink Control Channel (PDCCH) candidates for control information received from a base station at subframe k,
wherein the set of PDCCH candidates to monitor are defined in terms of search spaces,
wherein the UE monitors a UE-specific search space, among the search spaces, at each of aggregation levels (L) of 1, 2, 4 and 8 control channel elements (CCEs),
wherein the CCE is a resource unit comprising a specific number of resource elements and used for transmission of the control information,
wherein the ‘L’ CCEs corresponding to a first PDCCH candidate among the set of PDCCH candidates of the search space at a subframe k are located at positions given by:
L*{(Yk)mod(floor(C))}+i, wherein i=0, . . . ,L?1,
wherein Yk is defined by:
Yk=(A*Yk?1+B)mod D.
wherein the variable C is determined based on the number of CCEs (NCCE) divided by the aggregation level (L),
wherein A, B, and D are predetermined constant values predetermined regardless of the aggregation levels (L); and
decoding the control information of the PDCCH.