US Patent No. 11,030,717


Patent No. 11,030,717
Issue Date June 08, 2021
Title Apparatus And Methods For Multi-resolution Image Stitching
Inventorship Balineedu Chowdary Adsumilli, San Francisco, CA (US)
Adeel Abbas, Carlsbad, CA (US)
Assignee GoPro, Inc., San Mateo, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,030,717

1. A computerized apparatus for providing a panoramic image, the computerized apparatus comprising:a non-transitory computer-readable medium comprising a plurality of computer-readable instructions configured to, when executed by one or more processor apparatus, cause the computerized apparatus to:
obtain a plurality of high-resolution input images from a plurality of capture devices;
transform the plurality of high-resolution input images to produce at least a first downsampled image, a second downsampled image, a first residual image, and a second residual image;
combine the first downsampled image with the second downsampled image to produce a combined downsampled image;
combine the first residual image with the second residual image to produce a combined residual image; and
combine the combined downsampled image with the combined residual image to produce the panoramic image.