US Patent No. 11,030,512


Patent No. 11,030,512
Issue Date June 08, 2021
Title Rfid System And Method
Inventorship James J. Dattolo, Manchester, NH (US)
David Blumberg, Jr., Deerfield, NH (US)
Eric J. VanWyk, Sommerville, MA (US)
Assignee DEKA Products Limited Partnership, Manchester, NH (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,030,512

1. A processing system comprising:a housing assembly comprising an access door, wherein the access door comprising an RFID antenna assembly configured to be energized with a carrier signal, the RFID antenna assembly comprising:
an inductive component including a multi-segment loop antenna assembly; and
a de-Qing element configured to allow the RFID antenna assembly to be utilized over a range of carrier signal frequencies,
wherein the inductive component is configured to be positioned proximate an access assembly of a processing system and to allow RFID-based actuation of the access assembly, and
wherein the access door opens if the appropriate RFID tag assembly is positioned proximate the RFID antenna assembly.