US Patent No. 11,027,139


Patent No. 11,027,139
Issue Date June 08, 2021
Title Miniature Implantable Device And Methods
Inventorship Laura Tyler Perryman, Miami Beach, FL (US)
Chad Andresen, Miami Beach, FL (US)
Assignee Stimwave Technologies Incorporated, Pompano Beach, FL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 11,027,139

1. A method for treating neurological pain, the method comprising:inserting an introducer needle through a percutaneous incision site on a body, the introducer needle being of gauge 18 or smaller;
coupling a first mating feature at a distal end of an elongate member of a stylet to a second mating feature of an implantable device that is configured to receive a wireless signal and to generate one or more electrical pulses from the wireless signal for exciting a tissue within the body, wherein the implantable device further comprises:
a cylindrical body defining a longitudinal axis of the implantable device,
a plurality of electrodes distributed along the cylindrical body and configured to deliver the one or more electrical pulses, and
an anchoring feature adjacent the cylindrical body and disposed proximal to the plurality of electrodes for securing the implantable device to the tissue,
wherein the second mating feature is disposed proximal to the anchoring feature, disposed in-line with the longitudinal axis of the implantable device, and defines a proximal end of the implantable device,
advancing the stylet and the implantable device together as an assembly to the tissue within the body through a lumen of the introducer needle; and
applying the one or more electrical pulses to one or more electrodes of the plurality of electrodes of the implantable device to modulate the tissue within the body.