US Patent No. 10,993,124


Patent No. 10,993,124
Issue Date April 27, 2021
Title Beam-steering Satellite Communication Terminal For Field Environments
Inventorship Paul Struhsaker, Austin, TX (US)
Paul Posner, Austin, TX (US)
James Gitre, Austin, TX (US)
Amir Keyvan Khandani, Austin, TX (US)
Assignee CTH LENDING COMPANY, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,993,124

1. A satellite communication terminal for a field environment, the satellite communication terminal comprising:a broadband interface that creates a broadband link with a device in the field environment and that manages communication over the broadband link;
a satellite antenna that creates a satellite backhaul link with a satellite in orbit;
a satellite interface that manages communication over the satellite backhaul link; and
a processor that:
controls a beam direction of the satellite antenna;
performs broadband services on data exchanged with the device over the broadband link and the satellite backhaul link; and
provides access to the exchanged data to the device, wherein
the satellite in orbit comprises a plurality of non-geostationary satellites,
the processor repeatedly controls the beam direction of the satellite antenna to maintain the satellite backhaul link with the plurality of non-geostationary satellites, and
the processor manages hand-off of the satellite backhaul link between the plurality of non-geo stationary satellites.