US Patent No. 10,992,941


Patent No. 10,992,941
Issue Date April 27, 2021
Title Integrated Image Reshaping And Video Coding
Inventorship Taoran Lu, Santa Clara, CA (US)
Fangjun Pu, Sunnyvale, CA (US)
Peng Yin, Ithaca, NY (US)
Tao Chen, Palo Alto, CA (US)
Walter J. Husak, Simi Valley, CA (US)
Assignee Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation, San Francisco, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,992,941

10. A method for decoding with a processor a coded bitstream to generate an output image in a first codeword representation, the method comprising:receiving a coded image partially coded in a second codeword representation, wherein the second codeword representation allows for a more efficient compression than the first codeword representation;
receiving reshaping information for the coded image;
generating based on the reshaping information a forward reshaping function mapping pixels from the first codeword representation to the second codeword representation;
generating based on the reshaping information an inverse reshaping function, wherein the inverse reshaping function maps pixels from the second codeword representation to the first codeword representation;
for a region of the coded image,
generating a decoded reshaped residual region;
generating a predicted region based on pixels in a reference pixel buffer or previously decoded spatial neighbors;
generating a reconstructed pixel region based on the decoded reshaped residual region, the predicted region, the forward reshaping function, and the inverse reshaping function wherein a reconstructed sample in the reconstructed pixel region is derived at least in part from forward reshaping a respective predicted sample in the predicted region;
generating an output pixel region for the output image based on the reconstructed pixel region; and
storing the output pixel region in the reference pixel buffer.