US Patent No. 10,992,836


Patent No. 10,992,836
Issue Date April 27, 2021
Title Augmented Property System Of Curated Augmented Reality Media Elements
Inventorship Maximillian John Suiter, Omaha, NE (US)
Ian Padraic Suiter, Omaha, NE (US)
Sean Patrick Suiter, Omaha, NE (US)
Assignee Pipbin, Inc., Omaha, NE (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,992,836

1. A device for recording and sharing moments with one or more readers, the device including a processor and comprising a moment recorder configured to record at least one moment file represented by at least one user selectable icon, the at least one moment file comprising at least:1) a location;
2) an identifier corresponding to the moment recorder;
3) a time;
4) at least one recorder filter configured to restrict an availability of the at least one moment file to one or more authorized readers based on at least one filter preference selected from a group including the time, a medium associated with the moment, a subject associated with the moment, an interest associated with the moment, and a theme associated with the moment;
5) an augmented property filter configured to restrict one or more of:
(a) the ability of the moment recorder to record the at least one moment file;
(b) the availability of the at least one moment file to the one or more authorized readers;
based on a virtual property ownership system wherein the location is associated with at least one augmented property.