US Patent No. 10,992,220


Patent No. 10,992,220
Issue Date April 27, 2021
Title Power Supply Circuit For Fiber Laser Oscillator Use
Inventorship Tooru Nukui, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee FANUC CORPORATION, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,992,220

1. A power supply circuit for fiber laser oscillator use, comprising:a power supply unit physically containing a plurality of power supply circuits that are connected to a plurality of laser cavities of a laser diode module, the laser diode module being configured to provide a plurality of laser lights to a beam combiner that combines the plurality of laser lights into combined laser light and provides the combined laser light to a laser machining head; and
a rectifier circuit unit, separate and distinct from the power supply unit, water cooled, and physically containing rectifier circuitry configured to receive an input voltage having a particular value and provide an output voltage to the power supply unit based on the input voltage, such that the power supply unit is configured to power the laser diode module via the power supply circuits, based on the output voltage received from the rectifier circuit unit, to cause the laser diode module to generate the laser lights.