US Patent No. 10,990,597


Patent No. 10,990,597
Issue Date April 27, 2021
Title Generic Analytical Application Integration Based On An Analytic Integration Remote Services Plug-in
Inventorship Bare Said, St. Leon-Rot (DE)
Peter Weddeling, Sinsheim (DE)
Tobias Hoehmann, Walldorf (DE)
Soroush Momen-Pour, Coquitlam (CA)
Assignee SAP SE, Walldorf (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,990,597

1. A computer-implemented method for use of transactional data of a first data center in data analytics performed by a second data center, the method being executed by one or more processors and comprising:receiving, by a query manager service (QMS) executed within the first data center, a query definition provided from a browser of an analytics platform executed within the second data center;
providing, by the QMS, a calculation scenario based on the query definition, the calculation scenario comprising a graph defining base calculation views on data in the first data center connected using join relationships and comprising user-specific permission metadata to enable access to at least a portion of the transactional data;
executing, by a calculation engine of the QMS within the first data center, the calculation scenario to provide an analytical artifact comprising a query-level calculation view on transactional data stored in the first data center; and
transmitting, by the first data center, the analytical artifact to the second data center, the second data center executing a query on the analytical artifact to provide a query result representative of analytics on at least a portion of the transactional data stored in the first data center.