US Patent No. 10,990,087


Patent No. 10,990,087
Issue Date April 27, 2021
Title Parallel Control Method And System For Intelligent Workshop
Inventorship Qiang Liu, Guangdong (CN)
Hao Zhang, Guangdong (CN)
Xin Chen, Guangdong (CN)
Kuanyuan Li, Guangdong (CN)
Jiewu Leng, Guangdong (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,990,087

1. A parallel control method for an intelligent workshop, comprising the following steps:step A: constructing a parallel control simulation platform: performing accurate digital modeling on a real workshop site by third-party simulation software, performing secondary development, performing motion planning of the model and corresponding action control scripts, constructing a downlink instruction channel and an uplink information channel, establishing, by means of an industrial control network, a communication mechanism for a soft PLC and a hard PLC and an asynchronous periodicity synchronization guarantee mechanism for the soft PLC and the hard PLC to realize communication and integration with an upper-level IVIES module and a lower-level control network, and constructing the parallel control simulation platform equivalent to the workshop site;
step B: establishing a parallel execution mechanism: based on a digital twin technology, establishing the parallel execution mechanism for action synchronization of a workshop device model and physical objects thereof;
realizing a communication channel among a soft PLC of a workshop digital model, a PLC of a physical workshop device and configuration software to realize interconnection and intercommunication of data and information, so that a stand-alone physical device can realize action synchronization with a stand-alone digital model corresponding to the whole line on the parallel control simulation platform; and
step C: correcting and optimizing the parallel control system: by the parallel control system, performing simulated launch and simulated production of orders, performing full-view and cross-granularity monitoring of a workshop operation process, performing management of various production operation indexes and response processing of emergencies during an execution process, and performing performance analysis and execution optimization of devices.