US Patent No. 10,989,390


Patent No. 10,989,390
Issue Date April 27, 2021
Title Folded Optics Methods And Apparatus For Improving Efficiency Of Led-based Luminaires
Inventorship Amir Lotfi, Redondo Beach, CA (US)
Benjamin Pin-Chun Chen, Lomita, CA (US)
David Kessler, New York, NY (US)
Assignee DMF, Inc., Carson, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,989,390

1. A hybrid lens to redirect light emitted by a light source during operation of the light source, the hybrid lens comprising:a folded optic element defining an optical axis of the hybrid lens, the folded optic element comprising:
an output surface from which the light exits the hybrid lens, the output surface reflecting at least a portion of the light within the folded optic element prior to the portion of the light exiting the hybrid lens;
a first flange oriented parallel with the output surface;
an outer reflective surface comprising a plurality of triangular-shaped grooves forming corresponding total internal reflection (TIR) prisms, the plurality of triangular-shaped grooves being radially oriented with respect to the optical axis and separated from the first flange; and
a hollow core comprising:
a sidewall sharing an edge with the first flange;
a core output boundary disposed proximate to and in concentric alignment with the output surface; and
a core input opening, defined by the edge, through which the light enters the folded optic element; and
a reflector, optically coupled to the core input opening and disposed outside the hollow core, to receive the light emitted by the light source, reflect a first portion of the light, and directly transmit a second portion of the light into the hollow core without reflection by the reflector.