US Patent No. 10,988,270


Patent No. 10,988,270
Issue Date April 27, 2021
Title Packaging Apparatus And System To Fill Single-serve Pods
Inventorship George Gorbatenko, St. Paul, MN (US)
Charles Roth, Hudson, WI (US)
Chris Zwettler, Stillwater, MN (US)
Assignee GORBY LLC, Saint Paul, MN (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,988,270

1. An apparatus for filling single-serve pods, comprising:a base supporting a rotatable platform comprising three groups of pod holders located at three stations displaced equidistant in 120° sectors around the rotatable platform, wherein a group of pod holders is configured to hold a corresponding plurality of pods to be filled at a single time;
a filler mounted on the base and adjacent to the rotatable platform, the filler comprising a container filled with a ground food product and multiple augers capable of filling the plurality of pods held by the group of pod holders with the ground food product, wherein the multiple augers comprise multiple spouts to deliver the ground food product to the plurality of pods held by the group of pod holders;
a sealer mounted on the base 120° apart from the filler and adjacent to the rotatable platform, the sealer comprising a film winder, a movable heater block assembly fitted with a linear actuator, and a trimmer, wherein the heater block assembly is aligned with a top of the pods to apply and seal a heat sealable film to a top of the plurality of pods, and wherein the trimmer cuts the heat sealable film sealed to the plurality of pods, and
a controller configured to:
a) selectively rotate the rotatable platform to position the group of pod holders based on the position of the rotatable platform, and to selectively position two of the three stations relative to the filler and the sealer,
b) fill the ground food product into the plurality of pods using the filler, and
c) seal and trim the sealed film tops of the plurality of pods after filling.