US Patent No. 10,987,592


Patent No. 10,987,592
Issue Date April 27, 2021
Title Systems And Methods To Correlate User Behavior Patterns Within An Online Game With Psychological Attributes Of Users
Inventorship Joseph Jack Schaeppi, Maple Grove, MN (US)
Lynn Bergmann, Berlin (DE)
Assignee 12traits, Inc., Manhattan Beach, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,987,592

1. A system configured to correlate user behavior patterns within an online game with psychological attributes of users exhibiting the user behavior patterns, the system comprising:electronic storage configured to store information associated with the individual users including user information, wherein the user information includes assignments of the individual users to individual ones of different cohorts of users, wherein the different cohorts are associated with different psychological profiles, where a given psychological profile is defined by multiple psychological parameter values, and the users are assigned to the different cohorts based on the psychological parameter values of the individual users determined based on stated information provided by the users, the user information including user information for a first user that includes an assignment of the first user to a first cohort based on a first psychological profile of the first user determined based on stated information previously provided by the first user, wherein the psychological profiles of the users assigned to the first cohort indicate strong presentation of a first psychological parameter; and
one or more processors configured by machine-readable instructions to:
obtain performance information that characterizes performances of user behavior patterns by the individual users within the online game, wherein the individual performances of user behavior patterns include a first performance of a first pattern by the first user and other users assigned to the first cohort;
determine correlations between individual ones of the performances of the user behavior patterns and individual ones of the psychological parameters based on the obtained user behavior patterns, the assignments of the users to the cohorts, and commonalities in the psychological profiles of the users within the individual cohorts such that a first correlation is determined between the first performance of the first pattern and the first psychological parameter based on relatively frequent performance of the first performance by the users assigned to the first cohort and the psychological profiles of the users assigned to the first cohort indicating strong presentation of the first psychological parameter; and
adapt the online game for the individual users based on the determined correlations such that a first adaptation to the online game is made for the users of the first cohort, including the first user.