US Patent No. 10,987,475


Patent No. 10,987,475
Issue Date April 27, 2021
Title Systems For Feedback Control Of Anesthetic Agent Concentration
Inventorship Joseph James Lacey, Cambridge, WI (US)
David Michael Wahl, Madison, WI (US)
Thomas Lane Bender, II, Cottage Grove, WI (US)
Russell James Kuzelka, McFarland, WI (US)
Assignee General Electric Company, Schenectady, NY (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,987,475

1. A system for delivering an anesthetic agent, comprising:an anesthetic agent reservoir;
a pump fluidically coupled to the agent reservoir;
an injector configured to receive pressurized anesthetic agent from the pump, the injector comprising a plurality of nozzle holes;
a vaporizer comprising a heated chamber configured to receive and vaporize the anesthetic agent injected by the injector via the plurality of nozzle holes and supply a mix of the vaporized anesthetic agent and medical gas to a subject via a supply line; and
a controller storing instructions executable to:
determine a concentration of the vaporized anesthetic agent in the mix;
and adjust one or more injector parameters including at least a duty cycle of the injector based on a difference between the concentration of the vaporized anesthetic agent and a commanded concentration;
wherein the one or more injector parameters further comprise one or more of injector open duration and injector valve position;
and an agent flow valve positioned in a return line fluidically coupled between the injector and the agent reservoir;
and wherein the instructions are further executable to:
first adjust the duty cycle based on the difference, and responsive to the duty cycle falling below a threshold, adjust the position of the agent flow valve.