US Patent No. 10,987,269


Patent No. 10,987,269
Issue Date April 27, 2021
Title Systems And Methods For Controlling Light In An Incubator
Inventorship Joshnamaithili Seelam, Richmond, VA (US)
Aniket Kulkarni, Glen Allen, VA (US)
Kashyap Venuthurupalli, Ashburn, VA (US)
Chandana Muktipaty, Glen Allen, VA (US)
Assignee Kilo Medical Solutions, LLC, Richmond, VA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,987,269

1. An incubator system for containing a premature baby, comprising:an incubator comprising a film, the film being opaque to the transmission of light through the film in a first configuration, and transparent to the transmission of light in a second configuration;
at least one physiological sensor within the incubator, said at least one physiological sensor configured to receive data from the premature baby within the incubator;
wherein the at least one physiological sensor is one selected from the group consisting of a heart rate monitor, a blood flow sensor, a sweat sensor, a respiratory rate sensor, a blood pressure monitor, a blood glucose level sensor, an electrocardiogram sensor, a skin conductance sensor, and combinations thereof;
wherein the film alternates between the first configuration and the second configuration based on the data received from the at least one physiological sensor.