US Patent No. 10,987,069


Patent No. 10,987,069
Issue Date April 27, 2021
Title Nuclear Medicine Tomography Systems, Detectors And Methods
Inventorship Nathaniel Roth, Tel-Aviv (IL)
Yoel Zilberstein, Herzlia (IL)
Shlomo Ben-Haim, London (GB)
Benny Rousso, Rishon-LeZion (IL)
Assignee Spectrum Dynamics Medical Limited, Road Town (VG)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,987,069

1. A nuclear medicine tomography system comprising:a detector carrier configured to be populated by a variable number of detector heads, said detector carrier including a plurality of mounting receptacles, each mounting receptacle configured for attachment thereto of a detector head;
a plurality of detector heads configured to:
attach to said plurality of mounting receptacles; and
extend and retract with respect to said detector carrier to establish a variable bore size;
wherein each detector head of said plurality of detector heads comprises an arm and at least one detector element, said at least one detector element configured to be movable relative to said arm during a scan;
a controller configured to
receive population information for a first one or more mounting receptacle(s) of said plurality of mounting receptacles regarding attachment of a first one or more detector head(s) of said plurality of detector heads thereto,
control, based on a desired bore size and said population information, extension and retraction of said first one or more detector head(s) of said plurality of detector heads to a spatial arrangement thereof as defined by said extension and retraction,
control data acquisition by a second one or more detector head(s), of said plurality of detector heads, that forms a bore of the desired bore size, and
control image reconstruction on the acquired data;
wherein the controller is further configured to control at least one of said data acquisition and said image reconstruction, based on said population information and/or said spatial arrangement,
wherein said system is configured to operate, including performing said scan and said data acquisition, even when fewer than all mounting receptacles of said plurality of mounting receptacles have detector heads respectively attached thereto.