US Patent No. 10,987,017


Patent No. 10,987,017
Issue Date April 27, 2021
Title Distributed Extravasation Detecton System
Inventorship Chad E. Bouton, Powell, OH (US)
Assignee Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,987,017

1. An apparatus for indicating a fluid level change in a body portion, said apparatus comprising:a detecting component comprising a transmit antenna configured to transmit power into said body portion and a receive antenna configured to receive power passing through said body portion as received power, wherein said power transmitted by said transmit antenna is split into a first portion that is transmitted into said body portion and a second portion that comprises a reference signal;
a signal processor configured to compare said received power with a baseline received power and to generate an output signal based at least in part on said received power, wherein:
said baseline received power is defined by a first ratio of a returned power signal relative to said reference signal during a baseline detection,
said received power is defined by a second ratio of a returned power signal relative to said reference signal during fluid injection into said body portion, and
a change in said received power, when compared with said baseline received power, is indicative of said fluid level change;
a wireless interface configured to transmit, to a receiver, said output signal from said signal processor; and
a power supply configured to power said detecting component and said wireless interface,
said detecting component further comprising:
a controller configured to intermittently cause power to be transmitted into said body portion; and
the controller further configured to set a rate of activation of said detecting component, wherein activation of the detecting component causes power to be transmitted into the body portion, the rate of activation being optimized between power consumption and a prudent rate of monitoring for a change in a level of fluid in tissue, wherein said prudent rate of monitoring relates to a fluid injection rate and an unacceptable volume of accidentally injected fluid.