US Patent No. 10,987,009


Patent No. 10,987,009
Issue Date April 27, 2021
Title Detecting And Measuring Correlated Movement With Mimo Radar
Inventorship Jonathan Chayat, Kfar Sava (IL)
Mariana Sarely, Netania (IL)
Eli Aloni, Kohav Yair (IL)
Ian Podkamien, Petach Tikva (IL)
Noam Sol Yarkoni, Ramat Gan (IL)
Assignee VAYYAR IMAGING LTD., Yehud (IL)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,987,009

1. A multiple-input/multiple-output radar-based system using correlated movement among parts of a complex object as a discriminatory feature to identity a complex object among a plurality of complex objects, the system comprising:a radar antenna array;
at least one transmit/receive module configured to transmit radar signals and receive reflected radar signals through the antenna array, the system operative to:
transmit a series of signals at set time intervals towards a plurality of complex target objects, each of the complex target objects characterized by unique, correlated movement among its parts,
receive reflected radar signals from the complex target objects, each of the reflected radar signals having an amplitude attenuation and a phase shift relative to the transmitted radar signal in accordance with a collective correlated movement of parts of each of the complex target objects;
a configurable activation module enabling power saving measures, the activation module in communication with the transmit/receive module; and
a processor coupled to the array, the processor configured to:
render the reflected radar signals into a vector of signal values for a time frame associated with each one of the time intervals,
stack the vectors into a signal matrix,
decompose the signal matrix into signal elements, each of the signal elements uniquely corresponding to a correlated movement among parts of one of the complex target objects, each of the signal elements having both a spatial component and a temporal component.