US Patent No. 10,973,160


Patent No. 10,973,160
Issue Date April 06, 2021
Title Component Mounting Machine
Inventorship Hidetoshi Kawai, Chiryu (JP)
Assignee FUJI CORPORATION, Chiryu (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,973,160

1. A component mounting machine comprising:a conveyor which transports a circuit board to a component mounting station;
a backup plate that is disposed below the component mounting station to be movable up and down; and
multiple backup members configured to be arranged on the backup plate to be replaceable,
wherein a component mounting board is produced by mounting a component on the circuit board by supporting the circuit board that is transported to the component mounting station by the multiple backup members from below by lifting the backup plate,
the component mounting station is configured to be divided into multiple component mounting areas in a board conveyance direction, and it is possible to produce various different component mounting boards in each component mounting area,
the area in which the backup members are configured to be arranged on the backup plate is divided into multiple member arrangement areas corresponding to the multiple component mounting areas and a required quantity of the backup members, which are necessary to support the component mounting board that is produced in each component mounting area, are arranged in each member arrangement area, before the mounting is performed, in a predetermined disposal pattern, and
a controller configured to control actions of the component mounting machine so as to arrange the backup members in the multiple member arrangement areas, stop a circuit board that is transported on the conveyor in the component mounting area corresponding to the type of component mounting board to be produced, lift the backup plate, support the circuit board by the backup members of the member arrangement area that is positioned below the circuit board, and mount the component on the circuit board, the backup members in all of the member arrangement areas being arranged before mounting is performed such that no arrangement of the backup members is performed during mounting irrespective of the type of circuit board being produced.